#bethegrail Initiative

Grail community, it’s the one-year anniversary of the day that I unlocked the door and officially invited you to come look at - and hopefully buy - my underthings. I’m supposed to be having a big-ass party celebrating positivity for all the beautiful bodies that it has been, and will be, my privilege to serve. That’s obviously not happening anytime soon (but it WILL HAPPEN when it’s safe). I thought about taking it online but honestly, it does not feel like party time, and I just don’t have it in me to pretend otherwise.


So here’s what we’ve cooked up that does feel right. I hereby deputize you, ALL of you, to go out and #bethegrail. Go out into Athens and be the thing that somebody is desperately seeking. Be the thing that brings them happiness. Be the thing that brings them hope. Be the thing that brings them comfort.

Normally, I’m all in favor of doing this kind of thing quietly, but right now I think we all need to see some good things in the world. So take a picture that represents a good thing that you did (tastefully and without posting anybody else’s private business without permission). Post it to Grail’s Facebook page with the tag #bethegrail. Do this as many times as you want - as much as every day - this month so that we can all celebrate goodness together.


Each hashtagged post on Grail’s Facebook business page counts as an entry, and one randomly selected winner will receive a $75 Grail gift card, to be announced on June 1st. We reserve the right to give away other prizes randomly as the spirit moves, or to award extra points for creativity, style, or things that just really do make us feel extra-good about Athens.


How do you go about being the Grail? You do nice things for people right here in town. You buy a gift card from a local restaurant to help them keep the lights on. You send a note thanking an essential worker. You foster a shelter animal. You make an art project and deliver it to a lonely neighbor. You organize a neighborhood car parade. You support a local charity. You make or deliver masks. Get creative.


The one thing you CANNOT do for the purposes of this initiative is buy a Grail gift card. This is about sending all the love FROM Grail out to Athens, the place that made us who we are and that makes us proud every day, so while we love it when you vote for us with your wallets, that in itself doesn’t count - with the exception of giving a Grail gift card away to someone who makes Athens a better place. That one we’ll count.

Oh - and if you’re essential personnel, you’re already the Grail, so your first entry is already covered. In fact, you can enter once for every shift that you work. Just post #bethegrail on our wall and tell us what you do so we can thank you personally and get your name in the (electronic) fish bowl.

If you haven’t already liked and followed Grail Bra Specialists on Facebook, you probably want to go ahead and do that. I have a feeling you don’t want to miss what’s about to go down here.


Get out there and make us proud.


#bethegrail Guidelines and Fineprint:


One randomly selected winner will receive a $75 Grail gift card. Each post on Grail’s Facebook business page using the #bethegrail hashtag counts as one entry, and you can enter daily through May 31. Other giveaways may be added at will. The gift card winner will be announced June 1. Grail employees and contractors are not eligible. 


With respect to any act taken in support of local small business, we are the ultimate arbiters of what counts as “local” should any dispute arise. Our intent is to encourage others to support Athens-area homegrown enterprises. In general, if there is a corporate office located elsewhere, the business will not be considered “local.” 


Speaking of “local,” if you own an Athens-area small business or nonprofit and wish to make your client base aware of this contest in order to promote gift card or online sales, donations, or safe & socially distant volunteerism, you are most welcome to do so. We’ve designed this campaign, we hope, so that it can be used and re-used throughout the month to encourage as many people as possible to do as many good things as possible. 


As you may already know, Grail offers highly personalized service and does not sell online. The contest is open to everyone, everywhere, but we are located in Athens, Georgia - so if you don’t usually pass through our little town, be aware that you may have some geographic barriers to collecting or using any prize that you may win. 


This contest is open to ages 18 and above. 


Please do not post pictures without consent of all parties photographed. Pictures can be representative or artistic in nature, so long as it’s clear that the photo relates to the action described in your caption. Remain aware that Grail is a public Facebook page, and as such you may wish to remove identifying information, cover your children’s faces, or take other steps to protect your online privacy. The entire point of this exercise is to be kind, so please act in that spirit in all regards.