2022 Update: Grail has resumed offering a regular schedule

of open days and hours for walk-in shopping.


Appointments are optional and can be scheduled within or outside of these hours.

We are happy to accommodate any clients wishing to be seen privately in order to minimize their

potential Covid exposure, work around an irregular schedule, or for personal comfort.

If you would like to set up a consultation, please use the contact form here on the website,

message us on Facebook, or email support@grailbras.com.

We are truly grateful for every one of our amazing clients and their support of the Athens small business community!


Over 200 sizes stocked


All bodies are good bodies, and Grail Bra Specialists wants to help you find undergarments that work for your unique set of needs- whatever your size, shape, or personal tastes. You deserve to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.


Grail is an independent, locally woman-owned bra specialty boutique serving Athens, Georgia and the surrounding area. We're fully dedicated to promoting superior fit, comfort, and quality for our all customers.


Our fitters are here to provide friendly and judgment-free assistance to match you with your best options. You won't find a wider selection of bra sizes & styles or more attentive service anywhere else.


If you've struggled with bra shopping online or in chain stores, we invite you to try


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Professional Bra Fitting


Finding a well-fitting bra can be daunting. Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone! Our fitters are here to help you navigate.

Huge Range of

Bra Sizes and Styles 


Wherever you fall on the size spectrum, we want you to have options! We carry high-quality bras in band sizes 26 through 60 and AA though U.S. S-cups.

1055 Gaines School Rd.,

Suite 110

Athens, GA 30605


Our shop is located at the intersection of Gaines School Road and Cedar Shoals Drive, in the Aldi shopping center. Look for us on the right, next to T-Mobile.

Tuesday - Friday:

11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.



1:00 to 6:00 p.m.


For flexible scheduling, or if you would prefer to be seen one-on-one to minimize potential Covid exposure, we are also able to arrange appointments outside of business hours! Please call (706) 850-0387

or email support@grailbras.com, to make arrangements.

If you would like to be seen at a particular time, outside of regular operating hours, or as part of a large group, we encourage you to schedule ahead with us.


Additionally, we will gladly provide before/after hours appointments to any client who is more comfortable shopping in a private setting due to the pandemic.

You may call (706) 850-0387 or email support@grailbras.com for scheduling.

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